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Betfred Streaming Review

Betfred is a big name in the UK bookmaker industry. They pride themselves by giving their customers everything they would need. They provide live streaming for free (depending on the sport) to everyone who has a validated account with them. You can watch from the comfort of your computer/laptop or mobile device.

To be able to stream successfully, you need to have a positive balance in your account, which doesn't include free bets or bonuses. Some events require you to place a wager before you can watch them while others are free. Read more on the topic in the rest of the review.

How do I connect to the service?

Starting the stream is one of the most straightforward processes I've seen. You won't have any problems with it. Follow the steps below to start streaming on your computer/laptop or mobile device.

Streaming to a Computer/Laptop

  • Open the website.
  • Log in to your account or create a new one.
  • Click on the “Watch Live” button on the page.
  • Choose one of the two streaming options – UK & Irish Racing or Watch Live Sport.
  • Select the event you wish to watch.
  • Place a qualifying bet (if necessary).
  • Start the stream.

Streaming to a Mobile device

  • Open your mobile app or download it if you don’t have one yet.
  • Log in to your account or create a fresh one if you are new.
  • Find the “Watch Live” button on the menu.
  • Pick if you want to watch sports or UK & Irish Racing.
  • Select which event you want to watch.
  • Place the qualifying bet (if necessary).
  • Start streaming.

Features of Streaming

live streaming

Betfred has some useful streaming features.

  1. Something you need to know is that while watching a game might be free, you still need to have a positive account balance if you want to stream the events.
  1. Another fact you need to be aware of is that while it’s called “live” streaming, there will be at least a twenty-second delay. That way, there will be time for the odds to change accordingly.
  1. You might want to make sure you refresh the page a couple of times because the odds won’t change automatically – they need a refresh.

User Experience

The streaming feature of the desktop site runs smoothly, and I don't need to download any additional programs. All you need is the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, which is automatically available if you use Google Chrome's latest release. I didn't have any problems starting the stream, and it didn't stop until the event was over.

When it comes to the mobile experience, I can't say for sure what streaming on iOS devices is like because I use Android. Still, from what I've read in the App Store reviews, most people are happy with it while some experience glitches, but the majority of people say the stream is working correctly. After all, sometimes, the low quality of the device is the problem and not always the app.

Streaming on the Android app was smooth, and I didn't have problems. The only negative thing I can think of is that it took a while for the stream to load, but that isn't necessarily Betfred's fault.

Which sports can I watch live?

With the Betfred streaming service, you will be able to watch all of the sports the bookie offers bets on, and the events are streamed with one of their stream providers. You can view all the games and events for free except one. When it comes to Horse and Greyhound Racing, there are rules you have to follow. You have to place a bet on the event before you can watch it. Your bet has to be of £1 win or 50p each way. There is one exception, though. Racing from TRP UK tracks is free to watch. You can view which are the TRP UK tracks on the Help page of the site.

Bookmaker's Special Features


Cash-Out is a common feature among bookmakers. You can use it to settle your wager early, and you don't have to wait for the game to finish. Betfred uses these factors to determine how much you are offered when you Cash-Out:

  • Status of completed selections
  • Original bet
  • The current market prices of the unsettled parts of the wager

There are two situations where you can use Cas-Out. The first is if you want to cut your losses. In this situation, for example, the team you bet on is losing, and you want to save a part of the bet. The second situation is if you're going to secure your profit by Cashing-Out early if you aren’t sure that the team you bet on will keep their advantage in the game.

Cash-Out is only available on selected markets, and you have to check and see if it is before you place your bet. The easiest way to access the feature menu is through the Cash-Out Statement Page. After you Cash-Out early, the amount will automatically be credited to your account, but don't confuse this with the outcome of the original wager.

Quick bet

The Quick bet feature allows you to place a wager for merely seconds. Without the feature, after you place a wager, you would typically have to go to your bet slip and place the wager from there, but with the Quick bet feature you don’t need to slide to the bet slip, you can place the bet immediately.

In-Play Betting

In play football betting

We have all heard of in-game or in-play bets. Betfred offers these types of betting only on selected events and markets. The in-play betting feature allows you to place bets after the event has already begun. Most people who dabble successfully in in-play betting are seasoned bettors, but you never know maybe you're a natural. All the available in-play bets are located on the main page of the site or app. To place an in-game bet, you have to choose the event you wish to bet on, choose a market, and the odds. If you are satisfied with your choices, place the bet. While placing the wager, you have access to a virtual representation of the game and all the stats of it. As this is an ongoing event, the odds will change throughout the event. The odds don't change immediately on your screen. You have to refresh the page to see the new odds, and some people experience glitches and need to refresh the page a couple of times to see the latest odds.

Live Commentary

Betfred offers us a live commentary on all Horse and Greyhound races in the UK and Ireland. Other sports where this feature is available are cricket and football. The bookie also posts audio news and some video features in the section called “Betting News.”

Racing Archives & Best Odds Guaranteed

Betfred is mostly famous for football, cricket, and racing. They offer a lot of bonuses for those sports, including a ‘Best Odds Guaranteed” feature for Horse Racing. Another feature you can take advantage of when it comes to the ponies is the Betfred Racing Archive. I think the name speaks for itself in this case, so I will be brief. The Archive holds all the information on previous races.

Offers and Promotions

Betfred has an exciting welcome bonus. They offer new customers a promo code offer of £30 in Free Bets. Before you can receive it, you have to follow the terms and conditions associated with the bonus.

  • You have to be a new internet/mobile customer, over the age of 18 and live in the UK.
  • The qualifying bet is the first bet only.
  • Your first bet must be placed at 2.0 or higher odds.
  • The amount of your first bet must be at least £10.
  • You have to validate your participation in the promotion via SMS, and the bonus will be sent to you within twenty-four hours.
  • You have to place your first bet on any Sportsbook market.
  • You will receive £30 in Free Bets, which, if not used, will disappear after seven days.

Betfred Streaming Review – Concluding Thoughts: You need to try it for yourself!

The Betfred live streaming service might not be the best on the market yet, but they are definitely near the top. I like using the streaming service because it's fast, reliable, and has good quality. The website was easy-to-navigate, and I didn't have to look for a long time before finding the “Watch Live” button once I logged in. They have an excellent welcome bonus and also a lot of offers for existing customers on mobile and desktop. Maybe it's because they have been around for so long and have s much experience, but I enjoyed using their platform, and while they do have some negative features like location restrictions when it comes to the streaming. Overall, they provide reliable streams of events in many sports and never hesitate to deliver when it comes to the quality, whether it's on the mobile app or the desktop/laptop version. I would give Betfred 4/5 stars.