Double Bubble Slots Review: Heart Bingo best games

Double bubble is one of the most popular slots games in bingo gaming platforms. If you like to play casino online, it is worth trying. Like every other game on top bingo sites, playing double bubble at Heart Bingo can be fun. That is not to mention that the game features exciting spins for all to try.  In this review, we explore the heart bingo double bubble, offering you wild symbols and several multipliers.

Heart Bingo

Double Bubble Review at Heart Bingo

Special features

The next question we asked is how different is the double bubble slots game at Heart Bingo different from those you find on other platforms. To get a clear picture, we had to zero into special features.

Up to £10 coin sizes and 20 pay lines

First off, we noted that playing coins for the double bubble is between 1p and £10.  Something even more exciting is the pay line. The pay line for double bubble at Heart Bingo is 20, which means you have up to twenty chances provided a winning random symbol appears along a bubble line. For a seasoned casino player, you will agree that this pay line and the coin size is replicate in most online casinos, so we didn't give it much afterthought.

You can win by popping one of the three bubbles provided a random coin multiplier appears after doing so. Another winning scenario is when random symbols appear along a bubble line. The winning symbol gets multiplied by pay lines. People have been asking questions about playing a double bubble at Heart Bingo. Thus, we wanted to make sure it is not only a popular game on the platform but also a quality one. To help you learn more about it, this review breaks everything down into welcome offers, bonuses, special features, pros/cons. We will then conclude by giving you a final verdict based on our review.

Winning multiplier

We were a bit curious about the bubble because it is where most people get confused. We noted that the catch with bubble line is that the casino places a symbol on the second line provided a symbol appears. In some casinos, there are slight variations in the play mode. A line multiplier gets multiplied by the bubble line to calculate your winnings. On Heart Bingo, their line multiplier is the same as played play lines, save for cases where one plays all the 20. In the latter case, the bubble line multiplier increases to 22.

Double bubble player returns at Heart Bingo

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We also wanted to know if a player stands a reasonable chance of getting a return when they play Double Bubble at Heart Bingo. On their site, they say that expected return on a £100 is 96.02%, which is relatively high for a slot game.

Bonus game

On further exploration, we noted that if winning multiplier doesn’t sound captivating enough, the platform has another jackpot game dubbed pop the bubble. For every win, there is a bonus. To play pop the bubble at Heart Bingo, players choose a bubble from three options. You win after popping the bubble, provided a random coin multiplier appears in the slots shortly afterward. It is that simple.

Unique gaming symbols

Most, if not all, slots games have symbols. You will when symbols get arranged in a certain way after a spin. We noted that the double bubble features unique symbols. In particular, the wild logo symbol is the most useful to players. Wild symbol increases your chances of winning more than others.

The catch with double bubble symbols is that the more valuable symbols you have on the reels, the lesser wild symbols you need. Symbols designs are mostly fruits such as grapes, watermelon, and cherries. However, these are the least valuable when you compared regardless of how many combinations you have on the reel.  Oranges and plums are other symbols from which players playing double bubble at Heart Bingo can bet their chance. They are more valuable, thus, a player can earn as much as the wager.

Pros and Cons

After going through features of a double bubble, including its special attributes, we have been persuaded game variations from one site to another should not discourage you. And when it comes to stating the pros and cons of playing the slot game on Heart Bingo, here is what we have to say.


  • Quality of graphics is often a big determiner when it comes to choosing a casino play platform. It also goes that even with a well-designed website, something game graphics disappoint. Our experience on Heart Bingo playing double bubble has always been influenced by the sites amazing graphics. More specifically, the double bubble is a game that we love to play on this platform because it is not only easy to learn but also very addictive. The high-quality graphics will make your time worthwhile on this platform.
  • Many playing chances. Another reason why we rate the game on Heart Bingo highly is that it presents players with as many as 20 pay lines.
  • Exciting playing and bonuses that the site offers is another reason why playing double bubble at Heart Bingo is worth taking.
  • The minimum stake accommodates anyone who would like to try playing the double bubble. It is perhaps the reason why thousands of U.K casino players love to play at Heart Bingo.
  • Provided by a top gaming company, Gamesys, the double bubble has increasingly become popular. In particular, daily winnings that run into millions of pounds make it outstanding.


On the flip side, we noted a few disadvantages that come with playing the double bubble. They include:

  • The bonuses could be a bit better

Final Verdict

In the end, everyone would want to try their luck playing double bubble slots at Heart Bingo.

New players only need a few tips here and there to get started You can always go for maximum lines, especially if you like to take risks. Generally, the game presents low-risk chances because it is the only slot game where a player needs only a few spins to earn something tangible.