Heart Bingo Best Bingo Rooms

Heart Bingo is one of the leading bingo sites in the UK right now, and we’ve looked at their best bingo rooms here.



Created for You – The Candy Club Bingo Room

As the first of several ‘created for you’ games with Heart Bingo, candy club is absolutely up there with one of our favorite bingo rooms on this platform. As the name might suggest, this room is a candy theme, and it’s one of several games in the ‘created for you’ section. Each one of these bingo rooms has unique offers and game features, which we will look into.

This bingo room has an RTP of between 81 and 85.5%, which is reasonable for an online bingo game. The actual house prizes through this bingo room range from £50 to £500, and you can enter the candy club bingo room every day of the week. In fact, this game alone is responsible for over £160,000 paid out in total prizes on a weekly basis.

This is a 90 ball bingo room, and you can purchase a grand total of 120 tickets every time you feel like playing this game. There are two other unique elements of the candy club room which makes it so appealing.

If you are able to get a full house in less than 40 calls, you will get the designated jackpot for this room. The amount of these jackpots can vary, and there is an extra jackpot on the side called a community super jackpot. To get this, you need to score a full house in less than 38 calls, and the total prize can be anywhere up to £25,000.

Created For You – The Coffee Shop Themed Bingo Room

The bingo room named coffee shop is another fan favorite on Heart Bingo. There's actually a really cool community jackpot feature with this game, and this game is also listed in the ‘created for you’ section. The community jackpot along with other interesting characteristics is why we enjoy this game so much, as we’ve taken a closer look at here.

Just like the candy club room identified above, the coffee shop bingo room consists of another 90 ball bingo game. For this game, you can buy up to 60 tickets at a time, and there are different values assigned to these tickets. The value ranges between 10p and £1, and of course the higher the price of the entry ticket, the more you could win if you do well in the game.

The reason this bingo room is quite unique is because of the community progressive jackpot, as we mentioned earlier. As you will notice when you play the game, each time that a number is called the jackpot amount increases. If anybody in the game does hit the jackpot, they will get 50% of its total value, and the other 50% is distributed among the other participants. So while you are playing against each other in this room, you're also working as a team, which is quite cool.

To get this jackpot, players need to score a full house within 38 calls (calls being when a number is called out). Of course, it doesn't happen all too often, which is why there are separate cash prizes for the games too. The cash prize is often relative to the value of the ticket required to enter the game, and this can be just a few pounds or it can be hundreds of pounds.

Blox Bingo – A Bit Like Tetris, Only Better!

Blox Bingo is also a 90 ball bingo game, and you can enter various tournaments with this title throughout the day. You can purchase a ticket for this game as low as 25p, and it often attracts hundreds of players per tournament. This just goes to show how popular the game is, which is why we've looked at it in greater detail here.

Just like some of the other games on this list, Blox Bingo has a progressive jackpot on the go as well. As a matter of fact, at the time of writing, the jackpot for this game is the largest of the entire site. Given the nature of progressives, when the jackpot is won it resets, but the Blox Bingo jackpot can go as high as £15,000.

The RTP for this game can range from 81% 85.45%, which seems to be a fairly standard number for the bingo rooms on this platform. With Blox Bingo, we enjoyed that they have made the game so incredibly easy to take part in. Once a number is called, this is automatically checked off on your bingo card, and you also have the option to chat amongst other players in the bingo room.

This bingo room is a production of the Gamesys software catalog, and just like the other progressives in this piece, you need to score a full house in 38 calls or less to strike it big.

VIP Treatment at The Bingo Winners Club 

We couldn't run through the range of the Heart Bingo rooms without including the Bingo Winners Club. Heart Bingo is one of the few online bingo platforms that actually allows participants to enjoy some games for free, and this bingo room is one of them. On top of that, you can win prizes for these games that can extend into the hundreds of pounds – all without paying a specified entry fee.

The clue is somewhat in the title here, for this bingo room is typically open for business once per day. Given that the Heart Bingo site operates in the UK, the room seems to open between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on a regular basis. There is a bit of a catch to get into this bingo room, however, as you need to actually win on select games around the site to gain your ‘free ticket’.

For example, by winning on one line, two lines, or by getting a full house on any bingo room that has an asterisk next to it, you will get 6 tickets for this room. You can get up to 72 tickets for each daily game, and with an interface that really demonstrates the red carpet treatment, this bingo room has a lot to offer.

Festival Time – One of the Most Upbeat Heart Bingo Rooms

This bingo room is the final game that we will list from the ‘created for you’ section with Heart Bingo. As the title suggests, this game demonstrates that it is party time, with balloons and party flags displayed all over the background. It’s one of our favorite games for several reasons, so let's get into these now.

To start with, the Festival Time bingo room has one of the lowest ticket prices of all the other bingo rooms. You can purchase a ticket for just 5p here, but naturally, the lower ticket price means that the cash prize is lower. It is also one of the more frequent bingo rooms on the platform, as there are games taking place every 5 minutes.

You can actually purchase a total of 120 tickets for every single Festival Time game, and the RTP for this bingo room is between 81% and 85.45%. When you participate in this bingo room, you'll also notice that there is a progressive jackpot constantly ticking on the side. Much like the other games, if you gain a full house in fewer than 38 calls, this progressive jackpot will be yours.

Creating an account with Heart Bingo

Heart Bingo has a super easy registration process on their site, and it takes just a few minutes to complete. By clicking the join now button, you'll be taken to a sign-up sheet, where you'll have to provide just a few personal details, as well as create a username for your account.

You may notice during the sign-up process that you have the option of two different welcome offers. One of these applies specifically to bingo, and by wagering through just £10 on the site, you can qualify for up to £50 in free bingo entry tickets. These entry tickets apply to specific games, although Heart Bingo will specify them when you lock in the bonus.

Common Questions at Heart Bingo

Do all of the bingo rooms have chat boxes?

Yes, they do. Heart Bingo has implemented this for all of the games, which brings a much greater community feel to the whole platform.

How quickly are my winnings paid out from the bingo rooms?

If you are fortunate to take home some winnings from any of these bingo rooms, these are instantly added to your account.

How do I access the Daily Free Games section?

After making your initial £10 deposit you will have what is referred to as ‘lifetime access’ for the Daily Free Games.

How can I be sure that Heart Bingo is a legal site?

Heart Bingo holds a full gambling license issued by the UK Gambling Commission, which shows that they are 100% legal.