Ladbrokes Australia Best Features 2022

Ladbrokes has come a long way since the shores of the UK back in the day, and they have emerged to be an Australian favourite. Take a look at our full review of some of the best features that Ladbrokes provides for their growing membership right here.

Ladbrokes Australia Best Features

Ladbrokes Australia is undeniably a classic Australian bookmaker, but there are a series of standout features that have allowed them to grow so popular. We have crafted this review of the best features for the Ladbrokes site as we begin , and there are some really interesting characteristics!

Live Betting

Our first characteristic is one of the most vital of them all, and it has been put together in such a professional manner. Since Ladbrokes is a sports betting site, it goes without saying that Ladbrokes betting extends to cover a range of sports. But after closer analysis, we were particularly impressed with their live betting setup.

There is an entire section of the platform dedicated to live betting, which already shows just how many events this is an option for. Live betting is supported for soccer, tennis, basketball, American football, baseball and multiple other events. But there is something more unique about the live betting services – since members need to actually phone in for Ladbrokes online betting.

This phone line is available 24 hours a day, and it's completely free to use. To make a live bet all you need to do is phone in and say what bet you want to make, and this can also be done from your desktop device by using something called a ‘quick call'. 

Some Australian members actually get frustrated by having to phone up to make a live bet, with criticisms such as the length of time it takes to make a bet. But in our experience, unless you are betting on a sport such as tennis where you could be betting point by point – it's not a major problem.

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Customer Support – Live Chat 

With some Australian bookmakers you need to create an email support ticket, type out your questions and then wait for a response. Needless to say that this can be slow, tedious and frustrating! But with Ladbrokes, these feelings are a thing of the past. The Ladbrokes live chat setup really is top-notch, and it's a great way to speak with somebody instantly.

To use this system you must first click on the ‘contact us' link seen on the home page, which will open up the range of support options. After opening this page you must then click on the live chat link to open up a customer support chat. Agents typically respond to questions raised via the live chat quite quickly, and you should be chatting with a representative within minutes.

Live Streaming 

If you want a one-stop-shop bookmaker that allows you to watch your favourite games, then Ladbrokes could well be the site for you. There is a great range of live streaming at Ladbrokes, and members often sing the praises of the quality of the streams. This we can vouch for, and full screen live streaming can be accessed from mobile devices. Live streaming is mainly available for Ladbrokes racing (horse racing / greyhound racing), soccer, basketball and tennis. But they do cover many more events throughout the year.

When we say mobile devices, we also mean that live streaming can be accessed from the Ladbrokes app too! This is highly preferential; since you won't always be sat at home to live stream your favourite sports events. But as with any other mobile app, you need to make absolutely sure that you have a great Internet connection to avoid any unwanted interruptions or lags in play.

There are just a couple of specifications for members to use the live stream services. After completing your Ladbrokes sign in, you are then primed to access available games. Only then can you check out what games you can watch, but you must also ensure that your account is either funded or that you have made a bet within the last day.

Ladbrokes Australia Top 5 Features

Soccer Markets 

There are often customer complaints that Ladbrokes sells people short in terms of odds for various sports, but soccer is the sport where they tend to offer some quite attractive odds. Ladbrokes odds for soccer games are regularly around the market average, and members can tactically increase these odds through certain boosted games.

But coming back to their markets for soccer, Ladbrokes has certainly invested into increasing their overall market depth. They provide markets that are regularly upwards of 150 for high profile soccer games, which are an equal number to the range that is seen in the UK too, where Ladbrokes football (soccer) coverage is excellent. Given that this range has been matched in the Australian markets is really impressive, and it shows that the Ladbrokes Australia site is one that is here to stay.

Racing Coverage 

Ladbrokes Australia Review Ladbrokes is one of the few sites that have chosen to separate the racebook from the standard sportsbook, and this is often done for one specific reason. We believe that this has been done because Ladbrokes horse racing has grown to become such a significant product, and it's quite obvious when you walk into any Aussie bookmakers – horse racing is a major sport that people place wagers on.

There are many reasons for this, but this is slightly beyond the scope of this article. We are more concerned with the various horse races that Ladbrokes offers, and we can confidently proclaim that they cover many top-tier events. They cover Australian based races such as the Victoria Derby, VRC Oaks and the Melbourne Cup. But they have now extended the horse racing range to cover races in other countries, including the USA, New Zealand and the UK.

This is a very exciting addition since these countries tend to host some of the largest and most followed races within the horse racing community. Some of the races within the Ladbrokes catalogue include The Kentucky Derby, The Dubai World Cup, The Everest and the Melbourne Cup.

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