MkekaBet Coupon Code 2022: “MKEKA…”

Keen on betting with MkekaBet? The Following coupon code will help you in doing so, and will remain valid throughout !

Bonus & Offers details
ACCA 5: A multibet with 5 games or more, and if there is only 1 loss, the player will receive their stake back as a free bet. Multi-bet bonus: A multi-bet bonus applied on multi-bets if 5+ legs, calculated on net winnings.
Expires on: 31-12-2022
Last check: 2 days ago
mkekabet coupon code

Setting up your account with the MkekaBet Coupon Code

MkekaBet OfferBonus ()MkekaBet Coupon Code
ACCA 5 Stake back if only one loss Get your coupon code
Multi-bet Bonus Bonus applied on multi-bets if there are 5+ legs Get your coupon code

How to register on the site

Registering with MkekaBet is simple. When you visit the website, you will be asked to provide a phone number alongside the coupon code that you would like to use. A PIN will be sent to your registered device, and you will use this to login to the website.

Alternatively, you can send an SMS in order to receive your PIN. You will then be able to login to the website using that mobile phone number and PIN. You can also make a deposit directly using the MkekaBet business information.

If for any reason you don’t receive the pin, you can contact the friendly customer service team. An email address is provided, but there are also options for social media and live chat.

Once you’re logged into the account, it’s a matter of configuring your information and settings according to your preferences. There are in-depth instructions provided on how to make deposits and withdrawals, but we will dive into that shortly.

mkekabet register

Bonuses for each product

The ACCA 5 promotion means that if a player creates an aggregator bet with more than 5 games and loses just one of the games, they’ll receive their stake back as a free bet. This is the perfect remedy to those frustrating moments when your accumulator is derailed by one strange result. Given the popularity of football in Tanzania, this is definitely going to be a fantastic bonus.

There is a multi-bet bonus too, which is applied to those multi-bets of more than five legs. The percentage bonus increases with the number of selections which are made, all the way up to 25% for 11-15 selections. Both of the mentioned bonus types can be accessed via the MkekaBet coupon code indicated above, which will remain valid for the whole of .

mkekabet multibet

Live and pre-game cash out options are also nice, allowing players to capitalize on their bets before the event has finished. This is a really attractive option and stops players from having to watch as their bet is inevitably derailed. Players can cash out either live or before the game. Before the game cash outs make sense when a shock announcement such as an injury to a key player is announced.

Bonus Terms

There are terms and conditions associated with these bonuses, of course. The bonuses are explained very clearly on the promotions page from MkekaBet, and are generally simpler to access with an MkekaBet coupon code.

For the ACCA 5 bonus, the key takeaways are that there are minimum stakes, there is a limit to the number of times the promotion can be used per day, and the amount of time that the free bet is valid for.

Rewards Program

The casino offers an attractive rewards program, giving players up to 2% of their stake back every week. The level of percentage depends upon the number of bets that a player makes in a given week. If a player makes 7-10 bets, they will receive 1% back, 11-15 and they will receive 1.5%, while 16 bets or more results in a 2% return.

Again, there are a series of terms and conditions associated with this offer, so players should be sure to read through those to get the most they can from the promotion.


There are a host of questions that new players might have, so here’s a look at those frequently asked questions and the answers to them:

Is there a minimum bet amount on MkekaBet?

Yes, the minimum bet amount of MkekaBet is Tsh. 200.

Is there a maximum prize amount on MkekaBet?

Yes, the maximum amount that a player can win on one bet slip is capped at Tsh. 20,000,000.

Is there a minimum withdrawal from MkekaBet?

Yes, players must withdraw a minimum of Tsh. 2000 in order to make a successful withdrawal.

Can bets be cancelled on MkekaBet once they have been issued?

No. Once a Bet ID has been issued then the bet is fixed and cannot be cancelled or changed.

How do I check my balance on MkekaBet?

Players can check their balance by simply sending “BAL” to 15739.

Is MkekaBet legal?

Yes. MkekaBet is owned by Rain Digital Ltd., which uses FSB Technology to operate the casino. This deal was signed in 2016 and represented the first country where FSB began operating.

Can players outside Tanzania play on MkekaBet?

No. The casino does not accept players from outside Tanzania.

What are the betting rules of MkekaBet?

There are a wide range of betting rules, and new players should make sure that they read and understand them thoroughly before playing. These rules are both general and specific, pertaining directly to the key sports that are on offer through the casino.

Are live scores available via MkekaBet?

Yes, players can expect to find all of the key live scores in real-time. A huge range of leagues are covered, and odds update clearly in real-time. This makes it easy for players to make informed decisions and maximize their chances of success.

Is live streaming available?

Unfortunately, live streaming of sporting events is not available. Live scores are on offer, though, and players can see in-depth statistics about games in a range of leagues.

Is MkekaBet safe?

All activity sent over MkekaBet is done so using HTTPS security protocols, ensuring that the data belonging to players is safe. It has a ranking of a very popular website, which helps to lend legitimacy to its reputation as a safe and secure website.

Does MkekaBet accept coupons?

Yes, new players are invited to input their desired coupon when creating their account. You Don't need to look any further for a coupon; scroll back up and you'll be able to find the coupon code we're providing you with, which remains valid until the end of .

Which company operates MkekaBet?

MkekaBet is operated by FSB Technology Ltd., which produced the bespoke website. Oxygen8 is responsible for creating the mobile payment gateway that underpins the platform.

Does MkekaBet use social media?

Yes. The casino has a range of social media profiles including Facebook and Twitter. These can be used to keep up with the latest bonuses and offers, while also offering customer service support to customers. These channels are maintained in Swahili.

mkekabet landing

Quality of Platform 


The platform itself favors functionality over looks, and has all of the features that a player might need to make informed decisions and enjoy the games.

We appreciate that the information on the platform is clear, and the ability to place bets using SMS and event codes is a welcome option that makes things fast and flexible if you can’t login to your account right away but want to place that winning bet.


Players can bet on a wide range of key sports, but they will find that football is best served. Players have the ability to keep up with live football scores and odds. This makes betting fun and gives players the opportunity to capitalize on key moments.

Aside from football in all of the key leagues like England, France, Germany, and Italy, players are able to bet on international competitions like the Champions and Europa Leagues. Alongside football, players can also bet on American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, and many other key sports.


The odds available are fair and attractive, and players have the option to capitalize on them by leveraging a range of bonuses and promotions. The accumulator options are particularly attractive and help players to maximize their earnings and cash out when they think it’s the right time.

Banking Options


Given that MkekaBet serves Tanzania, the main deposit options are local ones which include M-Pesa, TigoPesa, and Aritel Money. All of these deposit options give players an SMS that they can use to confirm the transaction.


Withdrawal options can be conducted via M-Pesa, a mobile money transfer service. Players should be sure to read carefully through the terms and conditions on the website to totally understand the specifics around withdrawals.

Customer Support

MkekaBet is active on Facebook and also has an email address for queries from players. There is a live chat function, and players have left positive review praising the efficacy of the support. With that said, there are instances of unanswered questions and concerns on Facebook, so this might not be the most effective communication method.



There is a mobile app which is available for Android. This is a fully-featured app that allows players to keep up with live scores and place the best that they would like. Real-time betting can be enjoyed via the application too, putting players in the driving seat.

Mobile site

If players do not have the sufficient bandwidth or memory to download the application, the mobile website can also be used to check live scores and important information.


mkekabet logo

What the website lacks in style and functionality, it makes up for with attractive odds and a range of sports to place bets on. The bonuses and rewards will be sure to keep players coming back for more, and they can really help players to make the most from their bets. The ACCA 5 bonus is a nice innovation that adds a flair to one of the most popular forms of football betting. The availability of a coupon code, just makes the deal that much sweeter.

Customer support seems to be solid, but players should be sure to use multiple contact methods if they find that the customer support team is unresponsive via one channel.

Top 3 Alternatives to MkekaBet 

bet365 APPBet365

Bet365 has grown to become one of the most famous sportsbetting companies out there. In addition to offering some of the best quality video slots and live casino games, it has some of the best bonuses and infrastructure. As one of the biggest names in the industry, players can also look forward to receiving amazing customer service and a huge range of deposit and withdrawal options.

In terms of the highlights, Bet365 players can look forward to receiving:

  • 0-24 withdrawals
  • An amazing mobile experience that rivals desktop
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • One of the best collections of video slots and live games
  • A lack of fees and unlimited withdrawals

williamhill logoWilliam Hill

With almost 100 years of experience, William Hill brings a lot to the digital age. As one of the most trusted brands out there, players can look forward to the best odds on sports bets as well as great odds on a huge range of sports. William Hill is renowned as a football favourite and attracts many players for this reason. It also partners with the top software providers to offer an unbeatable collection of video slots and live games.

Here are the top reasons to create an account and jump into the action with William Hill:

  • Amazing mobile experiences
  • 24/7 live chat support and quality customer service
  • A huge range of quality games
  • Top software providers

skybet logoSkyBet

SkyBet is one of the biggest brands out there and given its association with the broadcaster, it’s little wonder. Players can look forward to receiving some of the best odds and sports news out there. The comprehensive site has everything that a player might needs and offers live betting and a huge range of video slots and live casino games.

  • Secure and helpful support
  • A great mobile app and website
  • A huge range of payment and withdrawal options
  • Strong in-play betting